We Wrote This Song Before David Cameron Resigned

from by Throwing Stuff



Never trust a man with one sock on
You don’t know where his hands have been
Straighten your tie, you fucking swine
You can’t talk the talk without the fucking walk
There’s credit where there’s credit due
We differ on that but you changed the tune
When you gonna invite me to one of your parties?
Bramley apples, caviar and pints of Bacardi
I don’t care what you do in your bedroom
I don’t care if you’re a dishonest Christian
If I lived here I’d be home by now
No accusations, no head in the clouds
Dodging questions like you know where I’ve been
That dirty smirk couldn’t hide a wedding ring
Tell me how it’s not black and white
Sounds like you gave up the fight
Time’s run out, growing indignation
Raising a toast to your resignation


from Fit, Fine & Well, released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Throwing Stuff Manchester, UK

We like having fun and playing fast.

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