Fit, Fine & Well

by Throwing Stuff

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Physical copies of the album are available through TNSrecords. Come see us on tour with Clowns in April.

21st April – Manchester Punk Festival. Sound Control, Manchester
23rd April – The Lughole, Sheffield (with Clowns)
24th April – Maguires, Liverpool (with Clowns)
25th April – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich (with Clowns)
26th April – The Junction, Plymouth (with Clowns)
27th April – Quadrant, Brighton (with Clowns)
28th April – Urban Bar, London (with Clowns)


released April 7, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Crooked Rain Studios in Leeds by Bob Cooper



all rights reserved


Throwing Stuff Manchester, UK

We like having fun and playing fast.

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Track Name: Tracy Chapman
You can tell me all your lies, I’ll cut you down to size
You can tell us that the science doesn’t fit, I know you’re all wrapped up in it
Just don’t tell us there’s a future, at least if things go on like this
I fucking love this world and you’re the one destroying it
The foundations are weak in the home where I sleep
Where my dreams are punctuated by crumbling teeth
No hope, not a dead heat
You haven’t got the time to fucking drag your feet
The house that Richard Arkwright built is a shady fucking construction
The rising damp and the mice infestation are the least of your fucking problems
You’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound
But I’m begging you please leave that shit in the ground
I’m trying my best not to frown
But it’s absolute, it’s binding and it’s bringing me down

I want to lie on a mattress in the middle of my room
And listen to Fast Car until this all blows over
Track Name: Whatever Made You Think Paper Was Valuable?
Like a tortoise on its back
Helpless and waiting, can’t fucking attack
Don’t take the time to frown
I wasn’t going to write the next Nervous Breakdown
Try to outrun what you can’t escape
The blueprint was fucked in the first place
We wrecked this place
We are exactly who we seem to be
With far too much capacity for misery
Fuck my big brain
Call it a cheap trip
But it’s evolution that’s out of step
We’ll wait, we’ve got years
Treading water is my greatest fear
From birth to death
Blue tunnel’s coming, it’s time to rest
Track Name: The Butcher
I can’t comprehend the thoughts in your head
Why you’d want a world where Nero’d fear to tread
Burn or besiege, the devil and the deep sea
Judgement’s most famous absentee
All is fair (in love and war)
We have heard (these lies before)
Ingest your statistics (regurgitated history)
There are rules to this horror show and you broke almost every one you know
Your life is a cemetery, or more like an unmarked grave
Flayed flesh from bone, there’s dignity in the unknown
Dredge up your guilt, cover your tracks
We’ve got a satellite for that
God’s not a fan of these transgressions
Closure is some kind of consolation
We must shorten the distance between the heart and the deed
Never again
Track Name: Hangxiety
I was born with both eyes open
A sour glare and a selfish heart
The path ahead is full of sideways glances
Rubberneck questions I can’t bear to answer
The paranoia or the pain in my head
Whichever is worse, just leave me in bed
It’s all so fucking enveloping
Chronic and overwhelming

It makes me want to pack it all in
No more pints, not a drop of gin
The heir to the family scowl
Bad luck doesn’t have any chinks in it
This guilt is a heavy burden
I just can’t stand to look you in the eye
I appreciate your optimism
But I just don’t fucking buy it
I don’t care if your toenails are dry
There’s no dancing left to do
Track Name: We Wrote This Song Before David Cameron Resigned
Never trust a man with one sock on
You don’t know where his hands have been
Straighten your tie, you fucking swine
You can’t talk the talk without the fucking walk
There’s credit where there’s credit due
We differ on that but you changed the tune
When you gonna invite me to one of your parties?
Bramley apples, caviar and pints of Bacardi
I don’t care what you do in your bedroom
I don’t care if you’re a dishonest Christian
If I lived here I’d be home by now
No accusations, no head in the clouds
Dodging questions like you know where I’ve been
That dirty smirk couldn’t hide a wedding ring
Tell me how it’s not black and white
Sounds like you gave up the fight
Time’s run out, growing indignation
Raising a toast to your resignation
Track Name: I Wish You Would Hibernate
You can’t pass your problems
Your problems on to me
If you sign on the dotted line
You’ll never be free
You can call it a doctrine
I call it disease
You can’t talk of the flood
And then leave the tap running
Distance distorts the time
All the time that’s left
Another year has passed me by
And my lungs are fucked
I want to smash my face through this porcelain
If it wasn’t covered in mould and piss
I wish you would hibernate
I would sleep fucking great
Track Name: I Know What's Best
I walk with the dead but I still fear death
I don’t have the patience to count each breath
Another summer ends and I feel safe
No longer the outdoors do I have to face
Wading through the weeds to get there
Up to my neck, I could be anywhere
The difference between lonesome and lonely
It just comes down to fucking poetry
I know what’s best
Wrap me in electric fence
I can’t get out, not letting anyone in
Just pluck up the courage to ask how I’ve been
If I don’t have enough sleep
I’ll fall apart at the seams
I’m trying my best not to be alone
But I still can’t push out of this comfort zone
Trying to keep busy every night of the week
Searching for an escape from the losing streak

I’ve never been so stupid in my fucking life
Ignoring all of the internal strife
Trying to find some grip on a helping hand
Let it slip and bury my head in the sand
Track Name: We Are Only Healthy To The Extent That Our Ideas Are Humane
If you were a gift horse
I’d count your fucking teeth
Let you know you’re not the only pebble on this beach
Tearing everything apart to protect your fucking kin
Reset your principles and start from the beginning

We are only healthy to the extent that our ideas are humane
Fuck off all you stupid Tory pricks
Track Name: F.U.B.S
I’ve never been the early bird
And sometimes I’m forgetting breakfast
Found out the party’s over before anyone told me it started
Oh well, never mind
I’m find with biding my time
I’ll just petition this early grave
And nail the coffin shut from the inside
I spend half my life building castles in the sky
Where I struggle with the foundations, it burns me up inside
To ruminate, to contemplate is a waste of my time
When the reality is there’s a fucking big mountain to climb
If this is hell, well then hello
It’s time we got better acquainted
The tide is rising higher and I’ve not learned yet to breathe underwater
At the end of the week after next I’ll be the one who’s fucking drowning
Track Name: Token Beef
There’s no fucking rules, man, I’m not trying to censor your self-righteous clan
I just think we’re not on the same page, or even reading a similar book
Your ignorance is based on intolerance, and it’s frankly fucking abhorrent
How can you begin to include the margins with a word that leaves so many disheartened?
You’re not an elected spokesperson, you don’t speak for everyone
Regardless of your intent, your words are lacking intellect
There’s a wood among these trees
If you opened your eyes, you’d see
We both have broken teeth, but that’s where the similarities end
The youth of today, the impressionable ones, absorbing your words like rays from the sun

You’re a bastard, you grind us down
Keep your bullshit to yourself
Track Name: The Hunter
If your finger nails were worth their weight in gold
I’d rip them out, let it be told
If your fucking hair could cure all disease
I’d treasure your scalp, I guarantee
You pilfer and plunder, you’re fucking vile
There’s complicity across these miles and miles

You can mix up all your medicines, treat tradition as fact
Feed the habit all you like, the science was never intact
If you could comprehend the loss, you’d understand the message I’m trying to get across
I’ll cut off your nose to fucking spite your face
You’re a self-destructive egotist, I can’t relate
I hate the way you fucking live
And don’t give me any of that “cultural misunderstanding” shit
Oblivious or disinterested, I don’t know which
You’ll take, take, take until there’s nothing left
Track Name: Five Pound Beers
So go and fucking choke on that place that they call the big smoke
In my head it’s a joke I don’t get where I’m from
But I guess it makes sense because my friends are gone
We’re all fucked up north
There’s so much more here than pop-up restaurants and five pound beers
The river by the night is something to behold
When you find yourself down here, then you know you’re getting old

We’re all fucked down south

Could have changed my mind, could have stayed at home
Why care so much about a life that’s not your own?
Could have not moved out, could have stayed the same
But it’s fucking happened now and I’m glad I chose this way
I’ve made my mind up
Track Name: How Do You Sleep at Night?
I’d rather be dead than a blue
You march the beat of a familiar tune
A scramble to the top, society’s divider
The bottom continues growing wider

How do you sleep at night?
I repent my sins, turn out the light

I’m sick of your trickle down politics
Sick of your flawed free market logic
I can’t stomach the sound of the scapegoat bleating
Can’t stomach the smell of the books you’re burning
This is a sinking ship
You’ll slip between the cup and the lip
Track Name: Steve's Job
I want to crash my face through this fucking desk
Living for weekend life is such a mess

Get up early, go home late
Living the life we love to hate
Say you never wanted that 9-5
Shame you’ve gotta eat to survive

I want to crush this mouse inside my fucking fist
Eating cake on Friday is no solace for this

Fuck your job
Fuck your boss
Fuck casual Fridays
Fuck the lot
Track Name: Father's Day
Sitting on this quiet southbound train more often than I’d like these days
A few hours of your time is all I get, I know you have a sleepy head
You’re squirming for words that I know are there, that you’ll never find them I’m fucking scared
They say when it rains, it pours, well this past year’s been an endless storm

“Like I say, like I say”
Will you find those words today?
Now I’m sitting on an eastbound train to what will be your final resting place
I’m not there as much as I should be, and I hate that I’m the only absentee
I found a dog-eared page in a book left unread, a million things I’ve left unsaid
Your eyes are shut but you nod along, and I’m wondering if you’ll ever get to hear this song
There’s a reason why I’m holding back the tears
I just don’t know how long that you’ll be here
But hiding the hurt is easier said than done
And you were never one for all the attention
Yet I still choke on the lump in my throat
With the feeling of dread that this shit evokes
You’re the disappearing mist on a sunny day
You’re fading out, you’re spiriting away
There’s no chance of a happy ending
Just holding out the time we have is extending
I want to believe you when you’re lying through your teeth
With four words that sum up your positive belief
That you’re fit, fine and well
Forever fit, fine and well